Free Things To Do When At Work Bored

Working night shifts can be really boring sometimes, between work and down time you can end up sitting at your desk bored. I used to read a lot of the news, jumping from BBC to Sky and back again, but soon realised this was affecting my mental health negatively. Having read all the doom and gloom it wasn’t the best way to use my time or absorb that much news. 

I tried to do some university work but again during the night my concentration levels would drop and my university work would suffer as I just couldn’t dip into it as and when. This is when I decided to look into ways to keep myself active whilst sitting at my desk, here are 3 ways I keep myself busy but also keep my mental health positive too. Playing games, reading books or doing surveys all help me do this. These are either free or earn me a little bit of money. 

I started playing on Candy Crush but after a while the same game over and over again became very boring. This is when I was looking for games, which were free too! I came across a website called https://www.solitaire.org/ that didn’t just have games like Candy Crush but also solitaire games which I really enjoy. Does anyone else remember playing Solitaire games on Windows? They have so many other games for everyone! My favourite games are Daily Cross Word and Candy House, very easy to play and when work picks up again I can stop the game whenever I need too. Games are a great way to pass time on but keep your mind active too. 


If you are like me who works shifts, especially the night shifts then you know how tiring it is when it gets quiet. Reading books, playing games, doing some online shopping if you work in an office. These can all help to reduce the boredom, also with playing games it is free and easy to stop and start when work picks up again. Word games like Cross Word, this game became one of my favourites alongside Candy House. Easy games which don’t require too much thinking but enough to keep me awake. Also when work did pick up I was able to stop and start the game when required. 

Reading books is also another way to keep your mind active and take your mind off work too for a little while. I have a Kindle and use my Libary’s ebook system which is also free and has some of the latest books such as ‘Thursday Murder Club’ and ‘The Authenticity Project’, which I highly recommend to read. This can be a good way to spend your lunch break away from work and give yourself the rest before returning back to work. 


Another way I keep myself busy during slow periods at work is completing any surveys from my phone! It’s a great way to earn whilst at work plus earn a little extra on surveys too. They don’t make that much money, however this money is sometimes for treats such as a takeaway or a coffee from Starbucks. Some of the survey apps I use are Prolific, streetbees and Citizen Me.

It’s hard when you work night shifts in a workplace which also has downtime, finding ways to keep active and still be available for when work comes in is crucial. It also helps to pass time quickly too and not sit and clock watch. Having a set of colleagues in the same situation is great too but there’s only so much you can talk about before the conversation stops. These small changes have really helped me stay awake and reduce stress too. I work 10 hours on a night shift so I need plenty of things to do when the work slows down. Also protecting my mental health is a priority, staying away from things like the news does make a difference for me. 

If you have any suggestions on what you do when work is slow and try to keep yourself active then let me know in the comments below.


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